BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 – Full Portable Gym Home Workout Package + 1 Set Of Resistance Bands

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Complete home gym for full body workouts using resistance bands. Portable and economic gym in which you can perform more the 300 exercises.


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BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 Features

BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 is a fully featured home gym that comes with:

  • 300+ exercises for a full gym experience;
  • Compact and portable shape (to use at home or outdoor);
  • Multiple bands to increase resistance over time;
  • Youtube channel full of exercises, workouts, and tutorials.

BodyBoss Home Gym Exercise Examples

Short Video Review

BodyBoss 2.0 – Portable Gym + Best Home Gym – Total Body Workout – Travel Workout Equipment

BodyBoss Home Gym Hands-on Review

The Now LifeStyle Body Boss Home workout System demo video |

Seller’s Description

  • BRING THE GYM TO YOU & SIMULATE 1,000s OF DOLLARS WORTH OF GYM EQUIPMENT: The BodyBoss 2.0 was designed to simulate all the bulky equipment and machines you see at the gym and combine them into one revolutionary workout concept – the BodyBoss 2.0, a portable gym. BodyBoss Portable Gym is the World’s 1st home gym you can take anywhere.
  • AMAZON BONUS: Free Start-Up Workout Program (optional). We will help you learn your BodyBoss 2.0, teach you exercises and activate your body. You will receive the URL to this link off the Start-Up 1-page guide in your package. You will receive the workout guides attached to the Start-Up guide in the box
  • OVER $1,000,000 RAISED ON KICKSTARTER & INDIEGOGO: When designing the BodyBoss workout product we wanted to make sure that it was lightweight & compact, but still versatile enough to simulate the gym anywhere. By allowing this any exerciser who gets the BodyBoss Gym will be able to reach their goals, workout more consistently each week & perform any gym exercise they want anywhere they take the Fold-Up VectorFit Platform and cloth covered resistance bands.
  • DO GYM EXERCISES ATTACHED TO RESISTANCE & BURN MORE CALORIES: Easily attach the cloth-covered resistance bands to the fold up the platform and then either the handles, the collapsible workout bar or the wrist/ankle straps and perform 300+ exercises that you can make easier or harder. The Fold-Up Platform allows you to increase or decrease the exercise difficulty based on shortening or lengthening the bands. You can make your exercises even harder by adding more than 1 band on either side of you.
  • EASILY WORKOUT UPPER BODY OR LOWER BODY: What if you didn’t have to drive to the gym to get an upper body workout in or you could carry an entire rack of dumbbells or a huge squat rack with you anywhere you wanted? The gym can be a fun place to go but getting there as much as you want each week is tough with the Portable Gym you can literally do an upper body workout, lower body workout, cardio resistance boxing workout & body part focus workout all in the same week with the just one product!

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