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Affiliate Disclaimer

We are a hobbyist curation website for gadgets and we use the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program to display affiliate links from and affiliated sites.

Why we use affiliate links?

We do not sell any product, we only curate and provide more information on gadgets that we find interesting. Affiliate links provide us a way to show our visitors were to find these products and, at the same time, we have a chance to collect a small fee (this does not change the product price) from the purchases to keep the site alive and bring fresh content on a regular basis.

Why Amazon?

The choice of Amazon is because we believe they provide a good customer service in terms of support, delivery time and conditions, user reviews and so on. They are also a global company that, we believe, is viewed by the general masses as a trustworthy place to shop online.

Always do your own research!

Although we curate products on this website, we would like to remember you to always take responsibility and do your own research before purchasing anything.

These reviews are just our opinions and we are not giving any professional advice! And we are responsible for any damage, loss or problem related to any of these products or with any of your purchases.

Final Note

The prices shown on this website are merely informative and may not be up to date, as they can change anytime on the seller’s page.

Hope you enjoy our content 🙂